Hydrant Flushing scheduled for April 16-27

Lower Saucon Authority crews will be opening hydrants and flushing mains for two weeks starting April 16th. This is part of our normal preventative maintenance on the system, and is done to remove accumulated sediment.  It is the water system's equivalent of a "Spring Cleaning".

As the water will often be briefly discolored ("rusty") during this process, customers should avoid running water or especially doing laundry on the day their area is being flushed.  Iron and manganese, which are in the oxide scales which are being removed, can cause staining of laundry under the right conditions.

For a schedule of which neighborhoods will be flushed on which days, please see our 2018 flushing schedule.
IMMEDIATELY, until further notice. During their annual inspection, it was found that there has been serious deterioration since their last inspection and they have deemed the bridge UNSAFE for vehicular travel._______________________________________________

Meadows Road bridge IMMEDIATELY closed, indefinitely - 4/5/2018

We received an urgent call from Tom Koehler, Superintendent of Bridges at Northampton County, stating that

the county is closing the MeadowsRoad Bridge at Route 412 IMMEDIATELY, until further notice. 

 During their annual inspection, it was found that there has been serious deterioration since their last inspection

and they have deemed the bridge UNSAFE for vehicular travel. 

They have no idea how long the bridge will be closed.  The County will keep us apprised with any new information

and we will pass the information on to you as soon as we find anything out. 

IMMEDIATELY, until further notice. During their annual inspection, it was found that there has been serious deterioration since their last inspection and they have deemed the bridge UNSAFE for vehicular travel._______________________________________________

Easter Weekend 2018 Office Closings

The Lower Saucon Authority Offices will be closed on Friday, March 30, 2018 for Good Friday, and also on Monday, April 2, 2018. Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and be safe.


March 20, 2018 - Authority Board Meeting CANCELLED 

Tonight's Lower Saucon Authority board meeting has been cancelled.
The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, April 17 at 7pm.


Flushing activity in University Heights - January 9, 2018

Lower Saucon Authority employees are currently flushing hydrants in the University Heights area. A main break yesterday in a City of Bethlehem water main has led to cloudy water in the area. We are currently flushing to remove air pockets in the pipes and to clear up the water. We will try and be done during daylight hours to avoid freezing water on the streets as best as we can.



December 20, 2017


After a review of costs, we have found it necessary to put an increase into effect for both water and sewer services provided after January 1, 2018.  Effective that date, water rates per thousand gallons will increase a uniform 3.0%. Water rates will be increased 20 cents per 1000 gallons, to $6.81/1000. The Base (Meter) Charge is unaffected.

A typical residential customer with a 5/8-inch meter and using 15,000 gallons of water over three months, will see an increase in their quarterly bill of $3.00, or approximately three cents a day. The first billing reflecting the new rate structure will occur in the bills received in the first week in May, for the usage period from January - March.


These increases are made necessary by an increase in costs covering both normal operations and maintenance.  Although we have been able to maintain our rates at a stable level for several years (since July 1, 2014 for water and January 1, 2010 for sewer), a comprehensive review of current business and financial conditions makes it necessary to adjust these rates.

We are continuing to focus on the measured, stage-wise replacement of key infrastructure, primarily older water mains.  We typically replace 1,000-1,500 feet of water main each year, replacing old galvanized steel (small diameter) and gray cast iron from the early-mid 1950’s or earlier with modern cement-lined ductile iron pipe. We installed some 1600 feet of water main on Bingen Road this summer and are planning to replace 800 feet of 4-inch pipe on Connelly Avenue in 2018 and 1000 feet of 8-inch pipe on North Drive in 2019.



The Authority will increase the quarterly sewer charge for all classes of service from the current $80/EDU to $90/EDU. An EDU is an Equivalent Dwelling Unit, which is used to characterize an average family’s usage, roughly 250 gallons per day. The first billing reflecting the new rate will occur in bills received the first week of February. This adjustment returns the rate to a level below what it was in 2009 and to the same rate it was in 2000.


The intent of the reduction of sewer rates in 2010 (from $102 to $80) was to reduce costs to customers after a long-term loan had been paid in full. At this time, after eight years of stable rates, we need to reset the rate to more accurately reflect the actual cost of service and the cost of the ongoing growth of our system and services. 


We mailed letters to all of our customers today informing them of the rate increases. We appreciate this opportunity to explain the increase and to thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you desire more detailed information, please give us a call at 610-317-3212, or send us an e-mail at administrator@lowersauconauthority.org.


It has been brought to our attention involving a possible scam alert. Residents have contacted the Borough and Borough Authority regarding a caller ID from the Hellertown Borough Authority requesting credit card information for open invoices or their water will be shut off.

Please do not give any personal information over the phone! Contact the Hellertown Borough Authority or the Hellertown Police Department if you receive such a call.


Similarly, the Lower Saucon Authority will NEVER ask for credit card information over the phone. If you ever have questions, hang up and call us at the Authority (610-317-3212) or at the County Non-Emergency Center (who will notify Lower Saucon Police)  at 610-759-2200



The website has been updated to show the 2016 version of our Consumer Confidence Report. Click here or on the 'CCR Report' link below on the site to view this year's report.



The Lower Saucon Township Council honored retired LSA Administrator Gar Davidson at the February 15 council meeting with a resolution commending him for his 15+ years of service to the Authority and the Township. Township Manager Leslie Huhn hands Gar the resolution (with Council president and LSA board member Ron Horiszny looking on). Gar then displays the resolution alongside his wife, Sandy.



The Lower Saucon Authority is now on Social Media! We have a Twitter account (@LSauthorityPA) and a Facebook page (Lower Saucon Authority). These pages will be used (in addition to all existing methods) to give out information on service disruptions, boil water advisories, major projects and news. These pages will not be used for "social" purposes, only to send out information that needs to be known by Lower Saucon residents and our customers. Please "follow" us on Twitter and "like" us on Facebook to receive important notifications by means of social media!

Lower Saucon Authority on Twitter                  Lower Saucon Authority on Facebook   


Lower Saucon Authority Administrator Gar Davidson retired on January 6, 2017 after 15-plus years on the job. Gar started here on November 7, 2001 after a 31-year career with UGI Gas Utilities. The authority staff wishes Gar (and his wife Sandy) much enjoyment in his retirement with lots of cycling, kayaking, clock-fixing and volunteer work. Here's a picture of Gar with framed articles announcing both his hiring and his retirement:



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Township residents occasionally request earth fill for various home projects. Both the Township and the Authority generate a stockpile of excess spoils materials from construction and repair projects, etc., and are often looking for a suitable sites to re-use it. In addition to soil, the spoils may include some rock, roots, blacktop and concrete, etc.

Requests should be submitted to the Township Zoning Officer who will review for environmental, stormwater management and other issues.  If subsequently approved by the Township Manager,  a permit will be issued defining the application and a letter sent to you.

If you would like to have fill delivered, please complete the form on the "Need Fill" hyperlink to and take it to the Zoning Officer. Delivery terms and conditions are listed on the form and are also discussed in the Public Works section of the Township website.

Thank you and good luck with your project!

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